they’d be so cute though. <3 sitting on a park bench, definitely not conveniently located near the restaurant where Sam has taken Ward and Bucky. Skye would be swing her feet and wringing her hands nervously, Steve would be sitting still as stone.

Avengers headcanon: In order to catch Bucky and Steve up on current pop culture, the team takes him to the library, music store, movie rentals, etc... helping them integrate into society more? Embarrassing music tastes are revealed, someone finds a secret smut stash...? :D


"No, no, you can’t start there. Look, Flash Freeze, I know you’ve caught up to the last century or so, but you cannot make your Dry Ice friend here begin on Journey.”

"Why ever not?" 

With painstaking care dedicated to his sigh, Stark turns. “Frick it Hamstring you’ve got to start off well.”

"They are well!” There is a pause. Clint reconsiders. “Good. They are good.”

"My point exactly," said Tony, pointedly returning to Steve and Bucky. "Start with Elvis or something just to make the point and then maybe get him some Billy Joel gemstones for a diamond ring and—"

"Spice Girls." It’s the first time Natasha has spoken up. From her purposeful slouch in the corner of the music store, her eyes sparkle. 

"Yes, absolutely, get the Otter Pop some Spice Girls and—"

"W HAT." Clint is outraged. "Journey is out the window but Spice Girls count?"

"You said it yourself. As I was saying—"

"NO." Folding his arms, the archer puts his foot down. Literally and figuratively. "I want both you have to include both."

"Um." Never has a flag looked so uncomfortable. "I don’t know," Steve says. "Maybe just one song from each—"

"Beatles weren’t even mentioned."

"WILL EVERYONE STOP INTERRUPTING ME I AM TRYING TO TEACH GRANDPA AND HIS BOYFRIEND HOW TO LISTEN TO MUSIC okay yes thank you Bruce, that’s a good point, but I do think that’s already been established. Now then I was thinking some Rolling Stones, Bono, maybe some—"

"Sugarland." Dead silence falls. As one, they all look at Clint, whose face is decidedly ruddier now. "What. They’re good. Classic. C’mon they’ve gotta have something fun? C’mon! C’mon! Nat help me out!"

Natasha doesn’t blink. “I’m sorry, Barton.” Her voice is low, monotone, passionless. “You’ve got yourself in too deep this time.”

"Pss— wha— deeper than, like, seven inches of blood that one time?"

"Yes." No hesitation.

He splutters around a bit more before sighing and blowing a half-hearted raspberry. “Fiiiiiine.”

They all exit the store laden down with stacks of CDs, which are, as Bruce reminded them, necessary. Electronic first listens just aren’t the same. Introductions need solidity.

Next came a bookstore. There was to be no laxity on any one area — Pepper had been very clear that they were to keep the toys well-rounded. Hence the lack of all Black Sabbath CDs and the complete lack of Sugarland. Now the books.

It went even worse. No one could decide on any one genre or media (paper? hardback? kindle? audio? WHY DON’T YOU JUST SHOVE IT UP YOUR— SHUT IT TONY THERE ARE VIRGIN EARS PRESENT) and once those were narrowed personal opinions kept clashing. The occasional sarcastic suggest of some explicit book or another kept coming from one or another, much to the resignation of Steve and the irritation of Bucky, but it all went downhill instantly when Clint finally said, “Just STOP IT already forget about buying ‘50 Shades’ I’ll just give them my copies.” 

Dead silence. Again. Not even a history of eight inches of blood could dig him out this time. Or ever again.

Ah, but he was redeemed when Bucky perked up. “I remember that one,” he said. “I bought the whole series.”

Pepper usually came with them after that.


"best thing since no polio" kill me now


anytime Steve tries to bring up any of his woes Bucky just howls, “A METAL ARM!”

— tumblr user starkofpancakes


Clint Barton is “forced” to go work with Coulson again and grumps his way there, sighs onboard the jet, and then meets Fitzsimmons. he adopts them from the start, calling him his ugly children. they play pranks on him constantly and talk over his head, making him the disgruntled non-techy father…


I swear if Age of Ultron doesn’t open to Tony greeting Steve like "So I’ve heard your boyfriend’s back.", I’ll be pissed


what i need is for people to stop fighting steve rogers

like the avengers get into a battle with aim or hydra or some other nefarious force, and steve charges in shield a-swingin and full force a-kicking—

except no one will fight him.

they take on iron man dozens at a time and natasha is…


anyway so on the drive home from class i came up with an au wherein steve joins a drawing club/class whose members are mainly trans women and/or bi and befriends a young woman who is also bi, a virgin, and from out of state originally

(they have a bet going on who will make their sexual debut…


picture natasha romanoff being pregnant, though. she walks in one day, “that look” on her face which sends clint huddling behind the sofa, and just drops the bomb before spinning on her heel and strutting right back out.

"well," says tony.

"yeah." steve is starting to get "that glow" on his…


Steve Roger buying himself bubble bath.

Steve Rogers buying himself bubble bath and bath toys and pool toys and spa treatments and hair gel and every single infomercial miracle and bubble bath.

Steve Rogers getting so ridiculously excited because “We didn’t have these back in the day, you know….


handwritingofgod is the goddess of avengers sitcom headcanons omg


handwritingofgod once again omfg



handwritingofgod I CAN’T FUCKING BREATHE

Marvel’s greatest extras. 


I swear if Age of Ultron doesn’t open to Tony greeting Steve like "So I’ve heard your boyfriend’s back.", I’ll be pissed